Chinese Food

 Chinese Food Menus

 Chinese Chicken Soup
 Hot and Spicy Soup
 Sweet Sour Chicken Soup
 Seafood Sour Soup
 Crab Soup
 Tofu Soup
 Baked Goose
 Crab Clawn in Oyster Sauce
 Fried Crab/Prawn with Garlic/ Pepper
 Fried Crab in Curry Ingredient
 Cool Oyster with Special Sauce
 Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Chilli Sauce
 Steam Fish in Soya Sauce
 Deep Fried Shrimp/ Bread Scrub
 Deep Fried Pork Rip Salt Pepper
 Fried Squid with Green Pepper
 Stir fried Beef/Black Pepper Sauce Garnish by Iron Plate
 Stir Fried Pokchoi/Garlic
 Sautéed Mixed Vegetable with Oyster Sauce
 Sautéed white Cabbage & BLack Mushroom/Oyster Sauce
 Mapo Tofu
 Please find some more special menus at our restaurant...


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